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Hoover H4 Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Hoover H4 Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Genuine replacement H4 Standard Filtration dust bag (pack of 5) for your Hoover Turbopwer 1 vacuum cleaner.


Pack No. 09020850

  • Suitable For::

    Hoover U1050, U2198, U2570, U2718, U1060, U2332, U2572, U2806, U1100, U2334, U2574, U4362, U1220, U2336, U2602, U4527, U1222, U2406, U2604, U4529, U1294, U2408, U2634, U5078, U1426, U2560, U2636, U5080, U1650 001, U2562, U2638, U5090, U2194, U2566, U2662, U5094, U2196, U2568, U2716, U5096

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