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Local Satellite Dish Installation & Repairs

There are all sorts of satellite issues that could cause disruptions

to your normal satellite TV viewing, whether it's the partial or

total loss of picture, pixelation, the loss of sound or - in some

cases - the complete loss of satellite reception.

If you're experiencing any issues with your satellite dish

installation give us a  call.

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We at Barry Satellite have been installing satellite
dishes for over 30 years for Sky, Freesat and
Free-To-Air services on Astra Satellite. We can
install the dish on your house, caravan, garage,
on your chimney or even on a tripod in your garden.

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Barry Satellite offer a comprehensive installation service

for the international satellite services of Eutelsat,

Arabsat and many more.

All we need is the channel name and language and we

will be able to offer you the best satellite you'll require

to watch them.



If you're looking to provide a TV network to a residential
or commercial property that will require a larger number
of television outputs then a communal satellite system
will be the option to consider.

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Do you live in a converted building and you wish
to install a new satellite dish to your apartment.
We have the experience to help you.

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