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At Barry Satellite we have a wide range of used vinyl records
for sale ranging from 331/3 to 78 rpm discs priced affordably
for all.

abbey road.jpg

33 1⁄3 RPM

We have a wide range of albums from the 1960s

to the 1990s, from The Beatles to Kylie.

Prices start from £2.50

45rpm vinyl.jpg

45 RPM

We have a wide range of 7" and 12" singles

ranging from the 60s right through to the 90s,

from Del Shannon to Charles & Eddie. 

Prices start from 50p

78 rpm.jpg

78 RPM

We have a wide range of 10 & 12” discs ranging from

Sergei Rachmaninoff to Ella Fitzgerald, from Perry Como

To The  Inkspots

Prices start from £5.00

cleaning kit.png


If you want to look after your Records we Stock
Vinyl Cleaning Equipment. Cleaning Solution,
Brushes and Cloths. 
We can also Stock/Order other A/V Cleaning

turntable spares.png


We Stock Stylus, Cartridges and Turntable  Belts.  
We can also Order them if you can provide us with
your Make and Model Number.  
Turntable Mats are also available to Order.

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